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January 21, 2013
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WT: Kasper Rothersi by HotCocoaMix WT: Kasper Rothersi by HotCocoaMix
ID: #MS37

GOD I HAVEN'T LINEART/CELL SHADED IN A CENTURY. I sort of miss the cell shading, but lineart is too hard weeps how do you guys do it?!

7/4/13: updated stats and some personality traits.
2/3/14 more updates n coding fixes tbd. VEEEERRRYYYY SLOWLY changing things, revamp coming eventually. I FUCKING HATE CODING

Wanna RP? I prefer notes, comments, or even tumblr!… And feel free to ask for my skype!

Name: Kasper Rothersi

Age: 22

Height: 6'0"

Creature: Human/Goat Half-Breed

LV: 3
Health: 245
Magic: 45
Attack: 205
Defense: 150
Speed: 170

Roommate: SockHedgehog's Stefani <da:thumb id="430252477"> 

Combat (?) Style

:new: Weapon: Pitchfork
Rarely ever has it with him, but when forewarned he will lug it around. It's pretty sharp also good for reaching high-up things and he has a bit of practice hitting people with it.

Kasper is adventurous and ready to do anything... but on the flip side he can be a bit impatient and easily distracted when bored. He likes meeting new people, so he's approachable and easy to talk to. Honesty was pounded into him as a boy, so he is seriously incapable of lying- not even as a joke or if it will help him out of trouble. And he's always willing to help people- probably too much, because he tends to get in over his head.

When in conversations he mostly focuses on gaining new friendships and will go out of his way to make a person smile. It's mainly because he hates thinking about his past, which he thinks is pretty domestic compared to most of the people on the train. He's eager to please, basically.

In sketchy situations he always wants to stick to the "right" way of doing things. He'll look out for anyone he trusts, but he knows when to run. He's not much of a fighter- he's more of the type to owe up to his mistakes verbally instead of beating someone up for it. So he will not attack unless provoked, but he will throw a punch or two in self-defense or for the sake of someone he cares about.


A note on Etruschael: The world Kasper comes from is a scenic place with plenty of resources, both natural and magical (think Switzerland). The Etruschites are a generally peaceful society, where "half-breeds"- human/animal morphs- live in harmony. Most towns are interconnected and agriculture-based, but blacksmiths and magicians are common. Technology is mostly steam- powered there- while there are lightbulbs and some machinery there, the people still prefer to work with their hands, so there are no computers or assembly lines.

Kasper was born to a farming family in a village near a mountain. He grew up expecting to take over the family farm- a perfectly respectable thing to do, since his family owned one of two farms that helped feed the village. However, he wasn't the type to just sit and watch the alfalfa grow. He was the "cool kid" in his circle of friends, always trying stupid things, like riding a piece of wood down a mountain slope or stealing the town wizard's milk. Magic interested him greatly- how it made life easier... and more interesting. He loved to talk to the wizard, but he remained dutiful to his parents.
Everything changed when a huge fire struck the family farm. Almost everything was destroyed. His father, in a fit of unexpected rage, accused the other village farm of causing the fire. A fight broke out and Kasper's father lost the respect he once had in the village. The Rothersis were turned away, forced to search for a new beginning. By then Kasper was 19, so he parted with his parents, telling them he could make it on his own. He found a new life in a busier town which valued magic highly, but he couldn't find anyone who wanted to teach him. So he took up jobs around town, made new friends, and sent word to his parents often, slipping into a happy, but boring routine...

Until the night when the World Train came to town.

:bulletgreen: Good with his hands.
:bulletgreen: A decent cook.
:bulletgreen: Telepathic with animals and other half breeds. Usually he prefers to talk out loud with them.
:bulletgreen: Fairly fit, has much more stamina (mountain goat traits help him a lot)

:bulletgreen: Doesn't know what to do around women. Especially when they don't know what clothes are.
:bulletgreen: He doesn't know a lot about being fancy and such- smiling and being friendly can only take you so far.
:bulletgreen: Can't swim.

:bulletgreen: when people pet him, but who would do that in human form HMM
:bulletgreen: Adventure, open spaces.
:bulletgreen: The new and unfamiliar.
:bulletgreen: Animals.

:bulletgreen: Animal abuse.
:bulletgreen: When people try to ride him.
:bulletgreen: Guns.

Misc. Facts:
:bulletgreen: He's vegan. Seeing steak and fish (especially after making friends with half-cows and sea serpents and such) is very, VERY awkward for him.
:bulletgreen: That said, if it's a plant and not poisonous, he'll eat it... whether he's in goat form or not. Don't be surprised to see him munching on decorative plants.

:bulletgreen: The pendant/medallion thing on his bow is an Etruscaelan good-luck charm- the character means "exploration".
:bulletgreen: He's a sweet man, but he has NO IDEA how to handle himself around women (coughespeciallyredheads)
:bulletgreen: In any form, he will have the sash, the bow, and the ear-piercings at least. He makes sure to always wear these to prevent transforming back to human form and being NUUUDE (though it has happened before...) or being taken as a farm animal.
:bulletgreen: Talks to himself frequently, but only when he's alone.
:bulletgreen: oh yeah he can mend clothes too gotta love a man who knows his way around a sewing kit

RP Sample:

Kasper pushed through the crowd of hurried people, slinging his bag over his shoulder. They were headed to the east end of town, a place known for shady transactions. But why so many? He tried to talk to some of them, but they simply brushed him away. He needed to know what the fuss was about. Then he heard it- a train whistle, followed by the roar of engines easing to a stop. I didn't know there was a train station here! Kasper thought to himself. Someone- he assumed it was the conductor- waved for people to board. "It's worth a shot," Kasper said to no one in particular as he followed the crowd. He stopped short at the conductor and flashed a smile. "Can I come along?"

Kasper: *stretches out on a chair, bored.* Is anything INTERESTING gonna happen today? *absent-mindedly stares out the window* Well, at least the view is nice. *continues to mutter to himself until someone taps on his shoulder. The person points to a sign which says "Don't pick at the plants." Kasper glances at his hands, which happen to have several leaves in them.* Whoops, sorry about that! *He swallows the last of the leaves in his mouth and apologetically throws the rest back into the pot*
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Omg he's so adorbs <3 I totally decided to check him out after your post of exploration, cause yes I am interested in an rp BD. Dar would totally pet him XD. Hit me with a note any time (or I can do it XD) and we'll hash out the first meeting ouo/.
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